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Ladies, We Asked You What Your Fave Spa in Bahrain Was and Here Are the Top 8

A spa day is a good day

We all love a good relaxing spa day once in a while, tbh we could have regular visits if it was up to us! The calm ambiance and a great massage, THE ultimate unwind routine. Since we have a couple of great spas on the island, we asked you what’s your fave spa in Bahrain, and here are the top 8 picks.


They say ‘Surrender to serenity with Ilsalon’ and ladies, you surely love this place. Great ambiance and an absolute treat if you’re looking for a place to relax at. You’ve been pretty obvious about adoring this place and we’re sold!


Rooftop private spa? Dreams do come true! W Spa is a spa, gym, and cafe, all in one. It is a great place to go and just hangout with your girlfriends. You’ve suggested this a bunch of times and this place is totally one to check out.

The Spa at Four Seasons

A luxury we all deserve, The Spa at Four Seasons is all things good. We need not say much about it cause we’re sure we all know this one!

The House of Glamour

Okay, we get it, you love The House of Glamour. So many recommendations, we’ll surely check this place out, btw a massage does seem like a good idea!

Olounge Treatment Salon Spa

Okay, let’s book a massage already! We can imagine all the knots in our backs being eased.

Dessange Bahrain

Dessange doesnโ€™t just have a spa, itโ€™s also got an award-winning hair salon as well as a fitness club that takes classes like pilates, starlight yoga, spinning, and more.

Argan Day Spa

A spa for both men and women, they offer massage, Moroccan bath, and a bunch of other hair care and salon packages. Let’s head to Amwaj, shall we?


Sash is a wellness center, with a spa, gym, and all the good things! You’ve convinced us to mention it in our list and we’re so glad we asked you to!

Thanks for your recommendations!

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