You Need to Check Out This Bahraini Artist’s Colorful Handmade Products

Colorful and chic

Zainab Alaali is a young artist in Bahrain, doing wonders in her field. She’s only 21 and has such impressive work to feature, we’re so glad that we came across her Instagram profile! Colorful, vibrant patterns which showcase her love for Arab culture and are true to her art. If you’re aware of the kind of work she does, you’ll look at one of her pieces and instantly know that it’s made by Zainab, she honestly has a signature!

Her super cute products include wooden trays, cups and coasters, wooden mubkhars and boxes to pair, wooden gift boxes, and her beautiful canvas paintings too, all with a unique design, her design! All the products are handmade and you can also get them customized in different colors.

Her products are easily affordable and are honestly worth so much more. We suggest you check out Zainab’s Instagram account to have a closer look at all her pieces. She even sells pre-loved books, you can have a look at that account too! Here’s her Tiktok profile.

Way to go girl!

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