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8 Beaches To Visit Before Winter Arrives In Bahrain

Beaches To Visit Before Winter Arrives In Bahrain


Winter is coming! (Hi GOT fans) That means that we need to get in as many beach days as we can before then! Luckily for us, Bahrain has blessed us with some of the best beach views – hello beautiful sunsets!

We bring you our 8 favorite beaches to check out while the sun is still out in Bahrain

1. Jarada Island

How serene! Take in some vitamin sea with a boat ride here.

2. Al Jazayr Beach

Green grass, tranquil vibes and good views!

3. Karzakan Beach

Nothing says bliss like the sunsets at this beach!

4. Karbabad Beach

Bring your cameras for aesthetic silhouette pictures in front of the water.

5. Salman City

The one everyone’s been raving about!!

6. Nurana Islands

We’re thinking of turning this photo into a wallpaper…

7. Northern City

Be careful, though – jellyfish in the water!

8. Zallaq Beach

Horseback riding ON the beach. Our favorite option so far.

Happy sun-time, people!!

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