The Game You Need To Download Right Now

Well, if you’re getting in a lot of screen time either way, might as well let some of it be for this game


‘Among Us’ is apparently the game you should be playing right now?

You can basically play a private game with your friends, or join a public game for some real competition!

Two types of people in this game: crew members and imposters.

The goal for the imposter is to stay hidden… or die. If a crew member sees you make a kill, it’s over for you. The crew members have to vote on who they believe the imposter is, and if they’re right, they win! Oh, you can also pick to play a game that has more than one imposter… daring stuff!

There are a list of tasks for all crew members to complete, highlighted in yellow on the map, and if they’re not completed before the imposters sabotage the missions, then it’s a win for the imposters.

Get it together, people, can’t let the bad guys win!!!

There is an imposter Among Us, and you need to figure out who it is or lose to them!!

May the best crew member (or imposter) win!!

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