What To Watch On Netflix In October: 12 Exciting Releases

Binge-watching has just become a personality trait for us at this point


So, on that note, here are October’s new and upcoming Netflix releases that should be on everyone’s list. Scroll below!!

1. Emily In Paris

WHAT: Feeling like you need an empowering moment? This is the story of Emily, an American woman from Chicago in her 20’s who moves to Paris for her career. She is recruited by a marketing agency in the city to provide an American point-of-view to expand their company.
WHEN: October 2

2. Hubie Halloween

WHAT: Who doesn’t love a good Adam Sandler comedy? Get cozy with your family for this comedy-mystery that tells the story of a town’s kind-hearted and innocent community volunteer, victim of many pranks by his fellow citizens, who finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation.
WHEN: October 7

3. American Murder: The Family Next Door

WHAT: Bring out your true detective side for this one! This true-crime documentary tells the story of the Watts family murders which took place in 2018, in Frederick, Colorado.
WHEN: September 30

4. Bad Boy Billionaires: India

WHAT: This docuseries is for the finance and politics lovers. It explores and investigates the greed and corruption behind India’s rich moguls.
WHEN: October 5

5. The Haunting of Bly Manor

WHAT: Finally finished watching Haunting of Hill House? Well, this new horror web series will be your new binge! It tells the story of a governess hired by a man to look over his niece and nephew. However, as she arrives to the Bly manor, she experiences a supernatural and eerie series of events.
WHEN: October 9

6. The Book of Sun

WHAT: This Middle-Eastern gem tells the story of a high school senior that sets out to make a no-budget horror film with his friend. Unfortunately, the project soon takes a downhill turn.
WHEN: October 6

7. BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky

WHAT: Where are all the K-Pop fans at? If you’re a true Blink, then you’re already waiting for this documentary that tells the story of the famous girl-band’s rise to fame! Stay tuned for its release this week.
WHEN: October 14

8. Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 2

WHAT: Disclaimer, this one’s probably gonna freak you out. With six new episodes, this docuseries profiles even more unexplained mysteries, disappearances, tragic events, and unusual occurrences.
WHEN: October 19

9. The Alienist: Season 2

WHAT: If you’ve already been a fan of this psychological thriller since 2018, 2020 has finally bought us a new season with the story of a woman wrongfully accused of crime, set in New York City. We won’t spoil it any further…
WHEN: October 22

10. Social Distance: Season 1

WHAT: As the title says so itself, this show was actually conceived, cast, and executed ENTIRELY in quarantine. The eight-part series focuses on the lives of families, couples, and friends coping with the effects of quarantine.
WHEN: October 15

11. The Queen’s Gambit

WHAT: One for the history fanatics! Set during the Cold War era, this show tells the story of Beth Harmon, an orphaned chess prodigy with a perpetual desire to become the best chess player in the world.
WHEN: October 23

12. The Binding

WHAT: Ever seen an Italian horror film? Well, start with this one, which tells the story of a young woman visiting her mother in Italy, who fights off a curse intent on claiming her daughter.
WHEN: October 2

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