Homemade Dessert Businesses You Need To Know About

Homemade Dessert Businesses Bahrain

WARNING: This article is about to induce a minimum of 8 different cravings

How mush dessert is too much dessert, though? Is there such thing?

Well… how about we answer that question after we’ve had bites of all the desserts below? Scroll to drool.


S’mores, Chocolate, Reese’s, Lotus, oh my God!! A much-needed and always welcome overload of flavors!


Chocolate chips, people! Like, chocolate covered potato chips. Don’t ask, just order.

The flavors are so unique, like the za’atar and coffee coated chips, and we can literally snack on them all day.


They’ve got handcrafted doughnuts, and honestly a bunch of other stuff that’s packaged in a very yummy way, and we need a piece of everything.


Cheesecake, biscuits, cake, brownies. Must we go on?

The Blackoven

A box of everything? Yes please!!! 3 desserts in one package; and they’re all SO GOOD.


This cake comes SOAKED in chocolate, and we honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.


By popular opinion, this one has made the cut! Lazy Cake heaven over here.

Alabaster & Cannoli

People are raving about these pecan pies, and we understand why!

And, only the most elegant looking homemade cakes we’ve come across.

Always supporting local! Order your desserts now!!!

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