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You Can Check Out Salman City On Your Next Beach Day

Salman City

Photo credit: Left: @hwcam | Right: @alnajdi_f


Guys, we’re getting closer to that sweet spot in the weather where it’s just PERFECT for spending time outdoors without the GCC summer heat we all know deeply.

While temperatures are sloooowly cooling down, we have to take advantage by exploring the shoresides that this wonderful island has to offer. One of these spots happens to be in Salman City! Situated in Northern City and super close to Nurana Islands, this area is absolutely gorgeous, serene, and is great for spending any time of the day at.

Scroll down to check out some breathtaking shots taken at Salman City with some inspo of what you can do there!

P.S Let’s all be considerate of our gorgeous beaches by reducing waste and avoid littering!

1. This shot makes you want to take a dip in that clear blue water

2. Nothing beats watching the sunrise after cycling by the shoreline

3. After a long day, unwind and catch the day turn into night by watching the sun dip into the horizon

4. Sit by the rocks, sip on your fav iced drink, and take in all those pink shades in the sky

5. Walk by the shoreline, listen to music, and check out that incredible sunset

6. Fun fact: there’s a massive hill worth checking out, also makes for a good photo backdrop!

7. So many areas to explore by the beach

8. Swim for hours and be part of the waves!

9. The spot has so much nature around to discover

10. Cycle, walk, run, and don’t forget… pics or it didn’t happen!


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