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This Cafe At Water Garden City Will Make You Nostalgic For Barada Sweets

Jumo Coffee At Water Garden City Bahrain


Bringing the barada to your donuts

We don’t know about you, but we just went on a walk down memory lane, the after school days walking into our neighborhood barada and buying 1 dinar’s worth of candy and chocolate (back when everything was that cheap).

Jumo Coffee Roasters gives us that vibe with their super nostalgic-looking donuts, topped with all your childhood sweets!!! Honestly, both kids and adults are going to enjoy this process.

Not to mention, they’ve got DIY donut boxes, complete with plain donuts, frosting and chocolate/candy toppings for you to decorate your donuts yourself.

Shoot your shots, artists! We won’t judge your skill levels. Get your boxes and tag Jumo Coffee with your creations!

Order your boxes here

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