It’s Officially Libra SZN! Check Out These 12 Funny Memes That Sum Up The Sign Perfectly

Libra Season 2020 Memes


We’re now entering Libra season (Sep 22 to Oct 22) and this is the type of energy we all needed in 2020. Where my Libras at!

For those who aren’t horoscope afficionados, the sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and is also a symbol of balance and reliability.

Libra energy is like a harmonious, loving vibe which we all need a little of right now!

If you have Libra friends or family in your life these are definitely ones that have been there for you in situations and someone you can trust the most!

Lo and behold, scroll down for some funny Libra memes that’ll have you saying “Omg that’s so me” or “That’s so Sarah!”

1. Being indecisive is a biig Libra trait, FR

2. Y’all always pull through!

Libras help memes

3. Want alll the love

 love of Libra memes

4. Can’t decide!

Libra memes 2020

5. I’m sorry you are sensitive

Libras apologize memes

6. Y’all carry all that

Libra memes localbh

7. Low key the BIGGEST tea spillers!

Libra memes 2020 localbh

8. !!

Libra localbh

9. Such people pleasers

Libra pleaser memes 2020

10. Avoid confrontation at all costs

confrontation Libra memes

11. Libras and their supportive energy!

Libras supportive energy memes

12. DUH


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