You Don’t Need To Break The Bank To Shop Here

The Marias Shop Bahrain

BREAKING NEWS: It turns out you can strut your style without having to go broke

The Marias have made an oath to fashion: stay sustainable, stay affordable. With pieces starting at 500 fils, literally every one of us can find something amidst all their vintage and thrifted pieces.


Releasing collections of what started out as a passion project, The Marias – Maria & Maria – set out with this great initiative in 2018, wanting to prove to fashion lovers that sustainable fashion can save your closet, your wallet AND the environment.


They’ve completely reimagined what it means to be fashionable, all while saving money BIG time and reducing wasted resources. Oh, and obviously you now have a unique, vintage piece to add to your closet.

The pieces they’ve curated cater to women who want to empower themselves by means of sustainable fashion, and who generally wanna rock a hidden gem!

The idea of sustainability in the world of fast fashion is one to inspire change. Purchase with intention!

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