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Clean Skincare Brands To Keep Your Skin Glowing In Bahrain

Clean Skincare Brands Bahrain

Protect your skin, people!


Seven Concept curates the most unique brands, from clothing to skincare to jewelry. We’ve picked out 5 cruelty-free, clean skincare brands for you. Cause, you know, winter is coming and we need to keep the glow up. Keep scrolling!

Henua Organics

Following the “essence of Nordic simplicity” where luxury and sustainability meet. Organic, active ingredients only – that’s the motto!

Alex Carro

We love skincare, and we love it more when it’s sustainable!


Basically ocean waves in every bottle. No fuss, just all-around better skin with ingredients sourced from nature.

The Glow Skincare

With a promise to keep your skin clear, calm and glowing. Their words, not ours! They come to you with 5 natural products that you can mix according to your skin’s needs – i.e. a long process, simplified!

Le Prunier

The Plum Beauty Oil ftw!! Known for its heavenly scent and its multipurpose qualities, you can use it on your face, body and hair. Basically, one bottle makes our lives 10 times easier!

We’re all for using ingredients as close to nature as possible for our health and beauty regimes, and it doesn’t get more natural than the brands we mentioned!

Be mindful of what you use on your skin, everyone!

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