This Bahraini Business Gives Us Calories For A Good Cause

White Spoon Bahrain


We can’t feel bad about dessert when it’s being eaten to serve a greater purpose

If you’re living in Bahrain you must’ve heard about White Spoon. Not only are their cookies the kind you’ll always crave, but they bake for an amazing cause.

Every time someone buys their cookies, 50% of the profit goes towards a cause. Once that goal has been reached, they move on to fulfill the next one. Their causes are always centered around investing in a girl’s education, those who need community support to be able to further their studies.

These cookies are the chewy, ‘melt in your mouth’ type, so you’ll definitely keep going back for more. Which means… you get to consistently be a part of different women’s educational journeys.

Never say no to supporting a good cause, especially if there are cookies in the mix!!

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