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We Asked You What Your Fave Spot for Roosi Sandwich in Bahrain Was & Here Are Your Top Picks

Another list of the best grub!

A roosi sandwhich is a footlong wrap with cheese, grilled chicken pieces, fries, and sauce. There could be other things added but these are essentially the ingredients that make up a roosi! It sure is a Bahraini fave! So we asked you guys about the best spot to grab a roosi sandwich from and here’s what we gathered from your comments and our DMs:

Al Jabriya Turkish Restaurant

Contact: 1733 0108

Alnaeem Grill

Contact: 1764 3826

Al Hateem Restaurant

Contact: 1744 2944

Showpiece Restaurant

Contact: 1774 0080

Alshamadan Turkish Grill

Contact: 1742 2812

Apple Restaurant

Contact: 1724 3015

Sameeh Pastries & Restaurant

Contact: 1729 2928

Al Mudeef Restaurant

Contact: 1741 0808

Adam Oven & Broasted

Contact: 1733 0091

Al Hantour Turkish Grill

Contact: 1740 1084

Dinner plans are sorted!

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