This Local Brand At Saks Is Saving Traditional Craftsmanship

Bayanah is a local clothing brand that’s doing great things

The brand specializes in making traditional clothing – from Bedouin garments to Traditional Kaleeji Bishts!

Not only that; Bayanah has some very special people working behind the scenes

It prominently features and supports Bahraini craftsmen in the making of their garments. Fabric weaving is one of the dying Bahraini crafts.

Back in the day, Bani Jamra was the center of fabric weaving in the kingdom – now that fabrics are imported this piece of our heritage got lost in the mix – but Bayanah is bringing it back in the most beautiful way!

And we didn’t even get to their masks, yet

The brand makes beautiful masks in a wide range of colors so you can rock safety measures in style!

We can feel the texture all the way from here!!

Bayanah’s products have JUST dropped in Saks Fifth Avenue in City Center Bahrain, THIS WEEK!

Don’t sleep on our heritage, people – not when it looks this good

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