This Local Clothing Brand Is Doing Good With The Comfiest Fits

The comfiest fit – but also for a good cause

The Humanite is a local clothing brand that’s contributing to goodness with every piece they offer – beautiful, comfortable clothing by locals doing great things!

The brand was formed with an intention to ‘create products with a purpose,’ which was to help those in need – whilst offering comfortable (and super aesthetically pleasng) pieces! The aim was to wear each piece with joy and know that each purchase has helped contribute to someone else’s quality of life.

Everyone else is loving the fit, too!! The motto is to look good, feel good, and contribute to goodness with every purchase;

50% of The Humanite’s sale proceeds go directly towards helping better a child’s education or health

Since launching this initiative, The Humanite has donated directly to children in Bahrain, as well as schools in Bahrain for tuition fees in cooperation with Afkarech Female Network, an NGO supporting and empowering women in Bahrain.

Not only that, but after the explosion in Lebanon, The Humanite cooperated with the Children’s Cancer Society in Lebanon. The business continues to support families as more causes arise. We’re getting comfy clothing AND doing good, it doesn’t get better than this.

Support local, buy local

We’ve got so many beautiful reasons to!

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