All Aboard! Saudia Airlines Has Launched World’s First Flying Museum

Archeology from the sky!

Saudi Arabian Airline, Saudia Airlines has launched a one-of-a-kind flying museum, ‘Sky Museum’ flight which is scheduled for Thursday, the 4th of November. The flight will highlight the significance of Saudi Arabia’s amazing archeological site Al Ula and will give passengers the opportunity to see Al Ula in a whole new way!

The flight will be from Riyadh to Al Ula and beautiful replica pieces of artifacts discovered during excavations in Al Ula will be showcased during the flight along with documentaries like Discovery Channel’s ‘Architects of Ancient Arabia’ using the new in-flight entertainment system, Discover Saudi.

Director of Antiquities and Heritage Research at the Commission Dr. Rebecca Foote will also give a briefing on the documentary and the pieces displayed in the flying museum, including a question-answer session with the guests. This is just so amazing!

Al Ula’s living history!

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