This City Being Developed In Saudi Is Super Futuristic & We’re Stunned

The KSA has been coming up with the craziest and coolest new concepts recently and this one is no different!

It’s called The Line, Neom and it’s a city fully integrated with nature

Ok, hear us out – the city will be built completely around nature. It will consist of one line, 170km long. No cars, no roads and everything will be a 5 minute walk away!

And, the whole city will run on renewable energy with ZERO carbon emissions!!

Sound’s utopian, right?

And honestly, there’s so much more to talk about here – the city will be partially built on the coast of the red sea but ALSO, parts of it will also be built on the mountains.

The entire city will use artificial intelligence and an underground service layer (one of three layers, btw) to help people get around safely! They say, no commute will be longer than 20 minutes!!

(Click HERE to discover the concept)

Is this 3020?!


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