Oh Yes: Jarada Island Will Finally Have Mobile Coverage For The First Time

Image Credits: IG @alzayani91

Jarada Island is the mystical beauty that usually appears in the ebb and disappears in the tide, with crystal blue waters that resemble a bit of the Maldives, will finally have a mobile network provider for the FIRST time ever.

Leave it to Bahrain to innovate wherever can be!

Batelco has chosen to live up to its motto of providing connectivity to all areas of the Kingdom, so why not the disappearing and reappearing island too?

According to Batelco’s official website, they are currently the only mobile network operator that offers mobile coverage for the island, located 32km East of Manama.

Yep, your next visit to the island now means you can send your Whatsapps, post selfies use Snapchat and more

Image Creds: IG/ @henry.nathan

This little island is a known getaway; with a tranquil view, getting there usually takes 30-45 minutes by boat

…and it’s well worth it!

Image Creds: IG/ @theexpatess

People usually come and bring their own picnics, go snorkeling and scuba diving – fab!

Batelco’s General Manager Networks Rashid Mohamed said that they recognized the need for coverage in the off-shore island…

adding that, “many people enjoy boating especially at the weekends, and Batelco wanted to support their connectivity needs and safety, which is of the utmost importance.”

Spot on, Batelco!

Vid Credits: IG @fishingbahrain

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