Local Spotlight: Meet Bahrain’s First Female Graffiti Artist

Art has no boundaries!

Samar Bushehri, a young girl from our very own B-Town is doing wonders with her super creative graffiti and super exceptional SFX (special effects makeup).

It’s Graffiti Baby!

Samar does graffiti pieces in various legal areas of Bahrain, and has also been part of commission work for various platforms. Her colorful graffiti pieces are a must watch! Some of her pieces shed light on topics like Palestine, safety during Covid, gaming, football and many more!

SFX Too Real for You!

Samar’s incredible SFX makeup will make you think twice about it being a makeup. Guys it’s just too REAL! Samar practices her makeup skills on her own hands and face, and trust us guys! We still can’ believe its makeup.

She also has a collection of sketches and canvas paintings. plus she’s the founder of @ink_tribe. Is there anything a woman can’t do?

Keep going girl, we’re proud!

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