Neat! This School In Bahrain Held A Drive-In Graduation Ceremony At The BIC Complete With Fireworks

Bahrain high school graduates were honored this weekend with a unique ceremony

While students around the world have been finishing this school year from home, which means prom and graduation have been canceled this year. But not for this one school in Bahrain, which got organized an epic graduation!

82 school graduates from Bahrain Bayan school were able to receive their high school diplomas at the Bahrain International Circuit on Wednesday through this unique drive-through graduation. The BIC normally holds the exciting F1 races but for these graduates, it was a spectacular ceremony.

Families cheered from inside their cars as students went out in their gowns and masks to get their diplomas. The ceremony ended with a fireworks show that was viewed from inside their behicles.

Congratulations to the students at Bayan school!