Update: The Chinese Rocket Has Made It Back to Earth & Landed in The Indian Ocean

The saga is finally over!

During the past week, the entire world was buzzing about one thing and one thing only: the Chinese Rocket. Debris from the Long March 5B was making an uncontrolled trip back to Earth. At about 30 meters, it’s one of the largest objects to do so. The global population was fearful that it would land on an inhabited area.

Luckily, the debris mostly burned off and the remains finally crashed into the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of the Maldives after reinterring the atmosphere at 5:24am Bahrain time.

Where exactly it entered the atmosphere was kinda scary though…

The US Space command confirmed that it entered right above the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi news confirmed this on twitter last night:

All in all, no one got hurt

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