Heartwarming: The UAE’s Humanitarian Campaign Raised 216 Million Meals This Ramadan

Giving back in the most heartwarming way

100 Million Meals is the biggest food distribution campaign in our region, and this Ramadan, it started another humanitarian campaign aiming to distribute 100 million meals to the needy. The campaign has officially reached over DOUBLE its target, with enough funds raised to distribute 216 million meals around the world!!

The campaign was launched before Ramadan, and 385,000 donors from 51 countries took part in the drive to secure millions of meals which will be distributed in 30 countries worldwide – within 4 different continents! Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, praised the UAE for its efforts and support of the campaign, saying “This is the UAE.”

The main objective of the drive was to help the countries that suffered the hardships brought on by the pandemic. Many organizations, companies and individuals came together in support and donated to the drive, and HH Sheikh Mohammed stated again that this is proof of the UAE’s overwhelming community engagement to help and do good, and it’ll “always remain a global capital of philanthropy.”

Props to the UAE & everyone who supported the drive!

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