Weather Temperatures In Bahrain Dropped And People Can’t Even

Weather Temperatures In Bahrain Localbh

The weather in Bahrain is in officially the winter season and people are feeling a lot more chill and are enjoying their plans outdoors instead of being stuck inside avoiding the heat and humidity. We have been waiting a long time for this time and everyone seems a lot happier. Crazy how much a difference good weather can make!

The weather in Bahrain has dropped this month and we’re finally experiencing beautiful weather here in Bahrain!

The reaction of social networks to change the weather

Residents of Bahrain took to social media to express their happiness about the cooler temperatures as well as their mixed feelings about the reportedly unstable weather that we’ll be experiencing. This includes rainfall and cloudy skies.

These are some tweets coming out of Bahrain winter:

This one about Bahrain’s motorcycle riders lol

This one that’s been waiting for this moment

These people praising the skies

This tweet that is positively influenced by the weather

This one questioning the sky’s intentions

This one that’s stating the obvious

This one with the poetic description

This is what it’ll look like this week and month:

What do you guys think about the temperature change? Are you lovin it or not into it?