Local X Local

ICYMI: A Recap Of Season 1 Of Local X Local

LocalBH started around a year ago and 2020 brought some exciting segments to the platform, including our very own digital talk show – Local x Local!!

The show features Locals that have been thriving in their fields and contributing to the community in different ways.

Creating the show and talking to all these inspiring locals has been a joy

We kicked off the show with our first episode featuring Bahraini rapper Flipperachi. He joined us, to discuss what his early musical influences were, what inspired the creation of the song ‘Ee La’

Since then, we’ve been joined by many other exciting guests

Like Hessa Al Khalifa who discusses Bahraini cuisine and food culture on the island

Also, Street Artist Mustafa Halwachi who delved into art culture in Bahrain

And Wafa Alobaidat who walked us through the life of a successful businesswoman

Recently, Ahmed Mahmood talked about Bahrain’s first licensed Telemedicine platform

And young diver Qasim AlSaegh who taught us all about scuba diving & marine life

Overall, season 1 culminated in 24 episodes that are all currently available to stream on Anchor, Spotify, Google and Apple Podcast! 

Local X Local is coming back with a 2nd season next week – watch out for it on our Instagram page

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