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Local X Local: Ahmed Mahmood Talks About Bahrain’s First Licensed Telemedicine Platform

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If the past few months have shown us anything, it’s that many different sectors have been relying on the virtual realm of operation for their business ventures and lifestyle as a whole.

While the current pandemic has created a global struggle for many businesses, it also proved to be in favor for others. Doctori Online Services is one of the more fortunate businesses in this case, utilizing the virtual realm by creating a telemedicine platform, connecting patients to doctors virtually through a mobile application.

On this week’s episode, we sat down with Ahmed Mahmood to talk about the vision that turned Doctori into Bahrain’s first licensed telemedicine platform

Ahmed Mahmood, along with his partner Ahmed AlAwadhi, brought the concept of telemedicine to life through the Doctori app. Experiencing first-hand the struggles and complications of the healthcare system when studying in the UK, they had a vision and an ambition to change the game in the GCC.

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The way Doctori operates is pretty simple, through a 3 step process of connecting patients to licensed doctors through video

You search for your doctor, book your consultation with said doctor, and then get in touch with them directly through the application. The co-founders, Ahmed & Ahmed, have put an extensive amount of research and effort into making sure this platform is extremely user-friendly. Not to mention, the convenience factor is most prominent here, as you’re connected to a doctor within minutes through a single application!

Doctori has been officially licensed by the NHRA, which in turn assures us that all doctors operating through the application are also licensed by the concerned organizations.

Around the time of the app’s conception, Bahrain had no rules & regulations concerning telemedicine, which complicated the process of actually obtaining a license for Doctori. With that being said, the company worked pretty closely with the NHRA to ensure everything was in line and ready to successfully launch the platform.

Welcome to a new age of telemedicine – basically a hospital in your pocket

Who can benefit most from Doctori as an online consultancy service?

Anyone seeking medical attention can utilize this new-age platform to connect to a doctor! Doctori has a range of different specialities and departments, from dermatology to mental health, so you’ll definitely find the help you’re seeking.

On another note, doctors can apply to work with Doctori by sending an inquiry to support@doctoriapp.com

Download the Doctori app through the links below:

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