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Local X Local: William D. Hurt Talks About Bahrain’s First American-Style University

Student life in Bahrain is great, but with many local students living at home (or even at the dorms), the university experience can sometimes turn into a “go to class and head back” situation. It’s safe to say that that’s not the experience you’ll have at this university.

AUBH’s core value is not only to connect students to employers and to help them graduate. While they do an exceptional job at making sure that happens smoothly, there’s more of a human aspect to it all – AUBH is a university that cares.

On this week’s episode, we sat down with William D. Hurt, COO of AUBH, to discuss the experience at Bahrain’s first American-style university

If you’re part of the AUBH community, you’re part of one where the university will constantly show up for you. Every student would know that this is something much needed throughout the long years of education, and to feel like you’re constantly supported by your community is extremely comforting.

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AUBH has the sort of campus that not only makes you never want to leave, but transports you away from Bahrain for a while

It’s an experience like no other, especially with the facilities they’ve got on campus. State of the art gym, football field, library, and THE largest canopy in the Kingdom. Oh, and there’s a 3D illusion to look out for here, too. One of a kind!

Not only that, but which other university President goes on runs with students and hosts boxing classes? Exclusive to AUBH!

There’s some exciting talk around study abroad opportunities, too!

AUBH is pursuing an academic partnership with California State University, Northridge (CSUN) in Los Angeles, California! This means there’s a prospective chance for students to study abroad in the US and complete the actual ‘American-style” experience!

Prospective students who are interested in everything AUBH has to offer can now send in their applications!

Listen to the full ‘Local X Local’ podcast below:

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