Apparently, Last Month Was the 2nd Sunniest September in Bahrain Since 1968

Sun’s out

According to a report by the Meteorological Directorate, last month was the 2nd sunniest September in Bahrain since sunshine records began in 1968, and we totally felt that. The highest temperature recorded during the month of September was 46C at Bahrain International Circuit on the 3rd of September.

The second and third highest temperatures recorded were 44.1C at Durrat Al Bahrain on September 6th and 42.3C at Bahrain International Airport on September 4th. The average temperature of the month was 33.9C, 0.7C higher than usual.


The first sunniest September since 1968 was September of 2014 with the average temperature for the month being 33.9C, 1.5C higher than usual. Temperatures have been soaring all around the world and fingers are being pointed at Global Warming for the reason why. Let’s all hope for better climate conditions.

What do you think? Did you notice how hot it was or was it normal for you?

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