You Can Now Learn 3D Chalk Art With Some Guinness World Record Holders in Bahrain

Chalk art World Record

Chalk art is one of those unique art forms that is just breathtaking to see when done right. And now you can learn how to do chalk art too, and with some Guinness World Record Holders too.

Limnesh Augustine and Jincy Babu, a real-life couple are the Guinness World Record holders in question. In 2012, they set a new world record for the largest three-dimensional anamorphic chalk art painting in the world. Limnesh, who works for the Ministry of Interior in Bahrain, along with his wife Jincy completed the piece along with the New Horizon School. Titled “Piece 4 Piece” measured 2293.79 sq.m in area and took 4 hours with 160 volunteers to complete.

And now, with the help of the dBranes Online Art Academy, you can learn how to do this too. Run by Jincy herself, get the best classes and instructions on how to perfect your artform. Register for classes HERE.

They have classes for all age groups, and it’s just for two days of the week, so you don’t have to worry about your schedule.

Chalk It Up!

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