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We Asked You What’s Your Fave Place to Get Cinnamon Rolls in Bahrain and Here Are the Top 6

Rollin’ right!

You guys really do love cinnamon rolls, don’t you? Well who are we kidding, we all love these gorgeous little (or not so little) rolls, with a frosting of wonders! Getting right to business, we asked you guys to tell us what’s your fave place to get cinnamon rolls in Bahrain, and here are your top 6 picks.

The White Room Cafe

We have to admit, this place was on top of your mentions, and no wonder it was, just look at this beautiful creation! This legit made us want to head over to The White Room Cafe ASAP.

Cinnamon & Pretzels Bakery Cafe

This one’s on another level tbh! From a bunch of different flavors of toppings to the super soft interior, they’ve pretty much conquered it all. You guys love it and we agree!


Care for a double chocolate cinnamon roll? In our heads, we’re screaming YAS! Crumbles has 2 types of cinnamon rolls, normal and double chocolate and since they’ve been mentioned by you, it’s pretty clear that they’re absolutely acing them.

Let’s Roll

Let’s just first take a moment to admire this photo…
Guys, this one’s absolute perfection. We’re just so grateful for the fact that we asked you guys for this place! Let’s roll is getting the job done.

Onut Donut

Cinnabon bombs to basically eat your fingers with! We can munch on these bite-size babies all day and please don’t mention if we gain a bunch of pounds (insert YOLO here!)

Cinnabon Bahrain

Alright guys, we know how much you miss Cinnabon, we’re all in the same boat! Eagerly waiting for Cinnabon to open so we can all indulge in their ‘oh soo good’ cinnamon rolls.

Special mention of great places like Raw Candy, Chocology, Soulful Kitchen Bahrain, Cinnabox, Chef’s Table Bistro, Black Drop, Melted Milk Bar, Palmetto, Creamery, My Cinamon, Lofty, and Voya Lounge.

How many can you have?

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