Getting a Letter From Your Fave Character Is Now a Reality With This Bahraini Nonprofit

Letter Nonprofit in Bahrain

Star Studded Letter

Ever wish you could talk to your idol? Hold a conversation with Chris Evans a.k.a Captain America? Get a personalized acceptance letter to Hogwarts? All of this is possible with the For You Letters nonprofit in Bahrain.

For You Letters is a nonprofit organization based in Bahrain, that is making our every childhood dream come true. And all for free. Although having only been started in January of this year, For You Letters has written over 200 customized letters. And the letters are fully customizable too.

You simply provide your name, age, and the celebrity or character from whom you want a letter. You can specify what pronouns you want to be addressed by, and even what the theme of the letter should be. A romantic letter from Brad Pitt, some parental advice from Robin Williams’ John Keating from Dead poets society, and much more. All of this is possible and more!

For You Letters also hold a book club every month, with a new book every month. Get together with some fellow bibliophiles and have a jolly good time!

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