Setting up a Backyard Cinema in Bahrain Has Never Been Easier

Backyard Cinema in Bahrain

The weather is getting better, and lockdown restrictions are easing down. This is the perfect opportunity for all of us in Bahrain to set up our cinemas in our backyard. And with this company in Bahrain, that is very possible indeed.

Forever Photos Events is one of the few companies in Bahrain that provides you with all the equipment necessary to set up a private cinema in your own backyard. Depending on the size of screen you choose, they also provide 3 bean bag chairs, and a movie of your choice to be played. And all of this for under BD 50. What a steal!

Outdoor cinemas were quite a prolific thing back in the ’70s and ’80s but that was mainly in the US or UK. Bahrain has always had our air-conditioned screens to view the latest flicks. But this often lacked the personal touch that we craved. To watch a movie with only your friends, without the guy at the very back eating way too loud, and the guy in the front talking on his phone? Yes, please!

And since it’s October, that means Halloween is just around the corner too, and Forever Photos Events will even provide the spooky decorations you need. Everything you need for a Spooky movie night.

Its movie time!

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