Bring Out the Rackets ‘Cause You Can Now Padel on the Beach

Padel up

Padel or Padel Tennis is one of the fastest-growing sports in the World. It combines the excitement and format of tennis but is just a whole lot easier to play. The reason Padel is so popular is that it combines elements of both tennis and squash but requires less force like badminton. The new attraction we have in town is Beach Padel, a padel court located at Water Garden City Beach.

The recently opened court is drawing eyes, (our’s too) and for all the right reasons! You can book the court with a bunch of your friends and play the coolest sport in town. With the weather getting better already, you can play by the beach for just the fun of it.

Prices include BD20, 30, and 40 for 60, 90, and 120 minutes respectively. You can also book rackets for just BD2. Other than that, Beach Padel includes facilities like music, showers, cafes, and restaurants.

Book a session on Malaeb or through WhatsApp at 3979 7797.
Location: City Beach.

Play like a pro!

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