This Company Is on a Mission to Combat Sea Pollution & Here’s All You Need to Know

As we know there are billions of plastic wastes found in water bodies every year, and solving this plastic pollution needs some serious work. Our Sea company, established in January 2021, has taken it upon themselves to combat this environmental problem. They provide waste management solutions for combating pollution in marinas and waterfront locations.

Their short term & long term goal

Their short term goal is to basically spread awareness amongst the young generation on the effects of sea pollution through social media and different campaigns while the long term goal is to provide sea cleaning solutions from individuals to different companies in Bahrain.

Project Seabin

The Seabin was created by Seabin Project who are actually based in Australia and are now available in Bahrain as well. Currently there are over 1000 seabins all over the world and more being deployed every month! it is a simple yet effective piece of technology that sucks in garbage most commonly found in marinas like food packages, plastic wrappers, cigarette butts & more. It is a conventional collection method that can work all day & night and capture the microplastics that are hard and time consuming to control.

Anyone and everyone can have access to seabins

The installation and maintenance of a seabin is very user-friendly. You can easily buy it as long as the place of installation has easy access to it. If the seabins were to be used on a national level, tons of waste can be extracted from the waterbodies every year.

But why is this project so important

Bahrain is an island with huge economic potential for its beaches and ports but due of the lack of waste management systems or methods, the majority of these areas become polluted very quickly. So it is up to us to help our country be pollution free ASAP.

Did you know fishing nets are an issue for the environment especially fishing lines?

Aquatic life get tangled and die from the lines which when consumed by larger fish, that fishing line gets consumed as well & as a result when we eat those fishes, we eat the fishing lines as well. Plus there was a study that showed every portion of fish we eat has 5 microplastics in them which can be about a size of credit card every year.

Let us all be a part of this great initiative and save mother nature! Click HERE to know more.