Shop Local: 11 Tanning Oil Brands Made In Bahrain That Will Give You That Perfect Sun-Kissed Skin

While others baked banana bread during this year’s COVID-19 stay home orders, others started their own home businesses. We all had to adjust to this new normal and some people in Bahrain took matter in their own hands to create something we could benefit from on this island: tanning oil!

It’s such perfect timing too for these home-businesses to emerge, considering we in Bahrain essentially spend a lot of time lounging by pools and beaches, so might as well get a perfect tan in the process!

Scroll down below to see 11 Bahrain-based tanning oil brands you MUST try. Support local businesses!

1. Wala’s Tanning Oil

An organic carrot based tanning oil that leaves your skin golden and bronzed!

DM on Instagram for a delivery order.

2. Holy Hot

A local Bahraini and organic tanning oil that promises the best tan ever! One bottle is for BHD8 and comes in 3 types.

Dm on Instagram to order!

3. Summer Bae

As the brand name suggests, their goal is to make you a summer bae OR it’s meant for summer baes. Either way, these organic oils (comes in two types) is something to try out next time you’re planning a trip by the beach!

Order through WhatsApp by contacting 39399943.

4. 48 Degrees

No, we’re not talking about the temperature, well sort of! This Bahrain-based company launched last month and currently is selling two formulas, Chocolate Cream for BHD 7 and Carrot Oil for BHD 10!

DM on Instagram to order or contact 35172840 on WhatsApp!

5. Durra Tan

This all-natural Bahraini brand has 5 signature tanning oils and after-tan oils to choose from so you can get that sun kissed look all summer long!

DM on Instagram or WhatsApp 34377413 to place an order!

6. Ocean Views BH

This organic tanning oil business is based in Bahrain and they sell two amazing types of oils for BHD5 each, as well as a moisturizing face mist for BHD 4, AND you can also get customized towels with your initials for BHD 10!

DM on Instagram to place an order!

7. The Palm

This proud Bahraini brand launched in 2018 and is representing the Island! They come in 5 different types for BHD7 as well as an after tan product for BHD4.

Order through DM on Instagram, this website, or find them at Showcase 101 at Enma Mall.

8. Hawaii Tanning Oil

It literally says “If you are white grab this let’s get darker” on the label and seriously that spoke volumes to me. It comes in three kinds of oils deep tan , bronze , Sun kissed and they also have it in cream form.

DM for orders on Instagram for delivery!

9. MS Tanning Oil

This tanning oil just emerged in the market beginning of this month and already getting lots of attention.

You can purchase the oil in many sizes, DM on Instagram for orders.

10. Sun Kissed BH

The bottle sells itself, really! This organic tanning oil comes into sizes, small for BHD3.5 and big for BHD5.

Send a DM on Instagram to place an order!

11. Sun Dazed BH

This brand new business sells their tanning oil in cute little bottles which makes them convenient to carry around!

To place an order contact them through Instagram.

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