10 Reasons Why Students Are Going To Gulf University

Gulf University Bahrain

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Many grads in Bahrain are now preparing to attend university, either for the first time or for another year in their higher education, the question is where though?

Well, for many across the GCC, it’s Gulf University! Why? Well, we’ve narrowed down the answers on why students are choosing this university for a unique and exciting educational experience.

Read on for highlights on all that GU has to offer and why students are opting to get an education from this university in Bahrain.

1. GU’s diverse range of courses and programs are perfect for students looking to explore their intellectual and academic interests 

Everyone has different reasons for going to university, from exploring an academic field they’re interested in, to gaining an advantage in an industry.

At GU, you’ll actually be interested in what you’re learning because they offer many programs varying from Accounting & Finance and Human Resources Management to Interior Design Engineering and Mass Communication. All the academic programs have been achieved confidence under BQA (Educational & Training Quality Authority, Bahrain) program review.

GU courses and programs

2. Gulf University is accredited by Higher Education Council

It’s perfect to say GU students are part of a reputed institution which is accredited by Higher Education Council (HEC). GU has also received full confidence judgement for BQA (institutional review. GU has been listed as higher education institution on National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

This university has become one of the best in Bahrain for its top educators, programs, and diversity!

campus GU localbh

3. The campus is designed to keep school spirits high

This university thoughtfully created the campus open-space so students can get a sense of community and belonging! Nothing is better than enjoying your stimulating physical environment while getting an educational experience.

 GU localbh

4. It’s a student-centric learning experience

GU’s highly qualified and experienced educators come from a wide range of academic background so students get only the best education that is super engaging!

This means you get to learn from the most dynamic and visionary professionals in the industry who can confidently take what you learn in the classroom and apply it to a real work environment.

Gulf University localbh

5. Exciting extracurriculars for students to join

Work hard play hard! Gulf University understands how important physical activity is when undergoing an educational program which is why the university has a football team that students can join. The university follows holistic approach to academics and extra-curricular activities including sports, events, competition, student clubs, and foreign trips contributing to enhance their skills and explore things they are passionate about. Creativity is embraced at this university and they encourage the students very much to get involved in their interests.

GU sport

6. LOTS of student support activities

What makes GU special is that it provides ample support to students in a variety of ways from career development services, internships, counseling, and academic support. Advising starts during the time of admission where the applicant is interviewed before conducting placement tests to provide guidance and support in selecting the appropriate study degree in alignment with personal and career goals.

Gulf University localbh

7. A dynamic virtual learning environment

One of the most remarkable features of Gulf University is its focus on student safety during COVID-19 and digital fluency, which is why they offer virtual learning environment in which students can engage with the program and educators digitally.

GU virtual learning

8. Incredible scholarships are offered

GU offers scholarships that can waive off 50% of students’ entire education, which is super helpful and can go a long way financially!

GU scholarships

9. Preparing work ready graduates

GU is keen to prepare work ready graduates with 21st century skills. GU has strong
commitment to offer excellent education and produce graduates who are fit for labor market with practical skills, technology agile, effective communicators, critical thinkers and adaptable to a dynamic environment.

Preparing work ready graduates GU

10. The education you need to benefit your country

Whether you’re planning to start your career in Bahrain or another country, Gulf University provides all the tools students need to become successful innovators, creative thinkers, and leaders in any field of work they choose to go into!

GU education

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