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Satisfy All The Cheese Cravings By Ordering Gorgeous Charcuteries From These Spots

Cheese Board Bahrain

Cheese makes everything so much better.

Which is why we are giving appreciation to charcuterie today. Cheese boards can be enjoyed literally anytime, any season, anywhere. Period! Nothing like a well paired board of various types of cheese, fruits, bread, meat, spreadables… it’s literally a work of art. Seriously.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or lying by the pool, let a cheese board accompany you, from any one of these spots in Bahrain listed here.

If you’re a cheese-lover then keep reading because there is A LOT of cheesy goodness below!


1. Mezzah Platters

Call 17600798 to place an order or visit them in West Riffa.

2. The Cheese Maker

Call 38310856 to pre-order a board or pick up their freshly made cheeses from Lulu, Alosra & Aljazeera.

3. Artigraze

DM or WhatsApp 33075885 to order. Comes with a customized board!

4. La.Formaggi

DM or WhatsApp 35035052 to order for the perfect summer snack!

5. Platters

DM to place an order for a beautiful mid-day grazing snack.

6. Ym3a

DM on Insta to place an order for a hearty and satisfying cheese platter.

7. Mooly Salads

Call 39929219 to order a cheese board from here that’ll be the highlight of any occasion.

8. Reem’s Vegan Cheese

Want to indulge but don’t eat cheese? Don’t worry! This one is completely vegan. DM to order.

9. Cheese Platter

Satisfy your cheese cravings with a mini platter order through DMs.

10. Plant Cafe

This cheese board is completely vegan and can be order through Talabat or visit Plant Cafe in Hamala.

11. Sage and Sirloin

Call 17611949 to place an order or visit the premium butcher shop in Hamala

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