What You Need To Know About This OG Hair Salon In Bahrain

This is the OG hair salon in Bahrain, people, and we’re sure every girl on this island can confirm this fact

True statement! Elie & Jean Regency has been turning heads with its flawless hair makeovers as one of Bahrain’s first salons. The unique education system the salon has implemented, coupled with the quality of the TIGI London products used, is exactly what curates an unforgettable service and salon experience altogether.

That shine, though

With the hottest new product range in town, you’ll walk out of the salon feeling and looking haircare-commercial-ready. Seriously, hair so soft and a shine that KILLS. Not to mention that you’re getting the most luxurious service at a super affordable price!!

Okay but really, this next one is about to become the only hair treatment your hair will ever need in the Kingdom. EJ’s most recent product launch, TIGI Copyright Care, vows to turn your hair into virgin hair in 10 minutes… rest assured, this is not a promise we’re about to overlook.

The whole process doesn’t take more than about 45 minutes, but makes a world of difference. This is no joke, guys, you’ll have some of the most professional and experienced stylists working their magic on your hair, so you KNOW you’re getting the real deal. Oh, and your hair will smell DELICIOUS until the next wash!

EJ, we’re coming!!!

Guess it’s time to get pampered

*Sponsored by Elie & John Regency Salon