People Are Spending Hours On This New iOS14 Update And Sharing Their Aesthetics On TikTok

iOS14 localbh

iPhone lovers, update your software!


We’re losing it over the new iOS update, and everyone else seems to be on the same boat!

There are tons of TikToks talking all about it. Not only that, we’ve got entire tutorials out there! Hours were spent to learn the ropes, and now these very kind TikTokers have shared their knowledge with us humble new-bees.

Luckily for our readers, we’ve compiled only the best ones to help you through your aesthetics journey! Ready? Check out some of our favorites below:


1. Everything you need to know in 30 seconds

2. How about this color scheme?!

3. Choose your fonts wisely!!

4. Some of the best new features to save time

5. How each feature will make your life easier

We LOVE these homescreen tranformation TikToks! How many hours are you going to spend readapting these?

6. Where are our Potterheads at?!

7. 5 Hours? Pfft.. That’s… Nothing…..

8. Loving the old school vibe here!

9. Okay, we’re here for this before&after!

10. Lectures are officially harder to sit through without doing this

There you have it. Make your hours of aesthetic-dedication count, people!

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