This Is Where You Can Attend A Free Virtual AWS Session On Thursday

RBW Labs is bringing us Amazon Web Services training sessions – virtually

And the first session is this Thursday, November 26th! AWS Discovery Day is an official intro to Amazon Web Services from RBW Labs, people, and we all need to attend.

This is free webinar on AWS Cloud Computing, and if this is your area of expertise (or if you wanna learn a thing or two on cloud services) then keep reading!!


It’s pretty much a given that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most advanced way to learn anything cloud-computing related, and RBW Labs’ Virtual Advisor completely simplifies the process!

It’s pretty straightforward, you just need to answer a few questions that’ll then direct you to the most suitable AWS course – virtually!

We like simple & easy, and it doesn’t get smoother than this

Who should attend the webinar?

Basically, anyone who’s interested in all-things-cloud services & cloud computing! The course is designed for new-comers, people with a slight background and those who are seeking an AWS certification.

Another insane feature provided is AWS Learning Path, which will basically help you and your team build those necessary, practical cloud skills in order to make all the right cloud investment moves in the future.

On another hand, there’s a plethora of courses offered right here on the website, all you have to do is find the one that best suits your needs!!

Sign up to attend the webinar below: