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5 Things To Do This Weekend: October 1-3

Weekend in Bahrain October 1-3


Time to do… nothing!

But if your ARE planning on going out this weekend, scroll for a few cool things you can do! Even in our tiny island, entertainment can find you in some way, shape or form.

Rock Climbing at The Crag

Face your fear of heights people, be adventurous! Plus, this one is super fun and completely safe!!

Try Al’s new flavors

Well, since summer in Bahrain is clearly not over yet, go over to Al’s at Water Garden City and try their Limoncello sorbet!

Horse riding at Sunset

Views for days AND super relaxing!

Photoshoot at The Wharf

In our opinion, ‘golden hour’ is the best time for photos here!

Coffee Shop Hopping

In honor of International Coffee Day, grab your friends and go check off a few coffee spots that you haven’t tried yet!! We’ve even compiled a list of them in our previous article!

May you always stay caffeinated.

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