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Take Up A New Hobby And Master Your Skating Skills At This Skateboarding School

Skate School Bahrain


Take a break from binge-watching Money Heist on Netflix and go out for a niiice ride!

If you’re like us and found lots of extra time this year to discover new hobbies, read more books, or take up cycling, then you’ll want to add this activity to your routine! People are taking up skating in Bahrain as a fun way to spend their time this year and you could too!

Learn how to skateboard or rollerblade at Skate School Bahrain, which is giving out lessons for anyone who’d like to learn to skate on the island

Not only is it a fun way to get around the ‘hood, but you get to learn new tricks that’ll impress anyone (especially if they don’t know how to skate)

Skate School recently opened in Bahrain to give people of all ages skateboarding lessons, which founder Zeyad says he decided to do to give kids an activity to do during this year’s COVID lockdown and restrictions.

Zeyad has been skating for around fifteen years and got the idea of opening Skate School after being approached to give lessons, which he now does with skate buds Ahmed and Saif!

They’re also giving out rollerblading lessons, and we don’t mind signing up for a couple of those lessons, tbh!

Get your skate on and contact Skate School here

FYI, If you don’t have a skateboard, Skate School will provide one.


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