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5 Boats Under BHD 100 You Can Rent For The Ultimate Summer Vibes

Bahrain is such a chill place to be at and we definitely have a loot of island vibes to offer mixed with city vibes, so really you get the best of both worlds!

There’s lots to do and explore but sometimes you just want to chill on the water for a little bit, listen to the waves pass by, and soak up that sun.

Well we’ve found the perfect way to do that… ready to explore the Bahraini water in the most epic way ever?

If you’re tired of laying by the beach and would like to lay on TOP of the beach, then check out below for 5 boats you can rent out this summer with family or friends!

1. This boat doubles as a fishing tour

Catch some rays and some dinner on this Amwajian ride! It can fit 8 people and a captain is included.

PRICE: BHD 70 per hour


2. A boat ride in Hamala

Explore the waters around Hamala with up to 7 guests and no need to worry about who’s stirring the ship because there is a captain on the boat!

PRICE: BHD 55 per hour


3. Powerboat through Amwaj

Ride in style in this sleek, red and white powerboat as you explore the waters around Amwaj islands! The boat can hold up to five people, so bring your tight-knit crew for a weekend of fun!

PRICE: BHD 65 per hour


4. The classic Yacht experience

Nothing says luxury like spending your day on a yacht! This one is on the pricier side of boat rentals, but holds more people with 10 guests and a captain. You can be as boujee as you want on this yacht, FYI.



5. A trip to Hamala’s Sandbar

This boat ride takes you on a quite experience to Hamala’s sandbar where you can have a whole floating island to yourself and 5 other pals! You’ll be in safe hands with your captain who will drive you guys there and back.

PRICE: BHD 65 per hour


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