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Get a Glimpse of Bahrain in the World of Literature Through the Eyes of These Writers

Turn your reading mode ‘on’ and learn everything about Bahrain, a beautiful island, it’s wonderful people, and the rich history. We’ve got some great books for you to read this Summer! Scroll below for the recommendations:

The Randomist

Author: Ali Al Saeed

Everyday life in the Kingdom compiled in this collection of columns, essays, and personal writings by Ali Al Saeed.

The Pearl Thief

Author: Noor Al Noaimi

A short story about a Bahraini islander, Hassan who embarks on a pearl diving quest when he can’t even swim.

Land of Two Seas

Author: Chandan Sen Gupta

The novel shows the life and times of people living in the tiny desert kingdom of Bahrain in the backdrop of World War II.

The Secret of the Red Silk Pouch

Author: Les Simon

This is an adventure for young teens, set in the remains of the Roman Empire of the Fifth Century, A.D. A seemingly simple task becomes a long and dangerous adventure that takes Marcus to the Island of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf.

Round the Bend

Author: Nevil Shute

In Bahrain, Constantine “Connie” Shaklin, an aircraft engineer, visits the local Arab community.

A Winter in the Middle of Two Seas: Real Stories from Bahrain

Author: Ronald W. Kenyon

Real Stories from Bahrain written during and after Ronald W. Kenyon’s four-month stay in Bahrain. It’s a journey through the 5,000-year-old Dilmun civilization to the glitz of twenty-first-century shopping malls.

My Beautiful Bahrain

Author: Robin Barratt

Like the pearl, Bahrain has many layers, and that further adds to its luster. This book is a compilation of accounts that reflect the beauty of the island we live in.

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