A Bahrain-based Travel Blogger Just Put Together A Handy Guide On How To Travel Safely

The Traveling Suitkase is a Bahrain based Arab-Asian blogger who travels to explore cities globally, sharing her stories, guides, and experiences on her website and social media. She makes her destinations look SO incredible, and we’d like to be her travel buddy ASAP!

She’s also an excellent source for Bahrain finds from food to staycation spots, like a guide to exploring the kingdom since traveling isn’t an option these days.

Whether you find yourself on a repatriation flight or want some insight for the next time you can travel, these few helpful tips are super handy. The blogger put together safety info about dealing inside an airport and on a plane found in an article published by Travel + Leisure.

These super helpful tips below are on the travelingsuitkace page

The article in itself is information taken from medical, aviation, and travel experts, which the blogger had summarized into 12 tips on her post.

A couple of the points are about looking into your flight before traveling, such as researching the social distancing regulations the airlines have taken, if middle seats are blocked between passengers on a plane and opting for a direct flight when possible. That’s some good advice to take!

With 49 countries crossed off her list, this travel blogger consistently shares incredible travel stories

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