Phuket Plans On Accepting Tourists This Year But Only If They’re Vaccinated

If you’ve ever been to Phuket, Thailand, you know it’s basically like heaven on earth! As it stands, the Island’s tourism market has all but shut down due to the pandemic and the mandatory 2 week quarantine period.

BUT, Phuket is working on a special tourist program to make the a island a safe getaway space! You can visit the island without having to quarantine – ONLY if you’ve been vaccinated!!

As part of the plan, they are aiming to vaccinate 70% of their population by September to reach herd immunity! This will probably make Phuket the number 1 travel destination once it’s implemented, however, the government needs to grant approval first.

Another excuse to take the vaccine – not that we needed one!

Either way, get vaccinated, guys!

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