A Youtube Travel Vlogger Who Explored Manama Praised Its Beauty And Diversity

With over 400,000 YouTube subscribers under his belt, travel vlogger Jason Billam explored parts of Bahrain and truly did a great job in capturing its essence.

A specific video he uploaded in March showcased his intricate discovering of Manama’s hidden gems, from brief interactions with storekeepers at Bab Al Bahrain to the delicious tikka kababs served at Danet Al Tawawish.

Jason toured the Kingdom pre-COVID19 and has since returned to the UK

…but what he left behind are an awesome set of videos that truly represent Bahrain, the generosity of its people and the stunning sights to see.

Watch the full video below:

Aside from walking ’round the Manama souk, he also went to the OG soul of old Bahrain- the Muharraq Souk

Jason took a stroll through the old Muharraq Souq and explored the halwa (sweet) shops; explaining its history within the Kingdom, learning from locals and being grateful throughout the whole experience.

Quite refreshing to witness travel bloggers not only explore but share the knowledge they’ve learned about a country with their audience. Other commenters on the video-streaming platform seem to agree with this sentiment, with other Bahrainis encouraging the traveller to return in the future, promising that they could help him explore some more.

This makes us want to hit the streets of Muharraq again

SO proud of this Kingdom!