The Arab Nation’s First Trip To Mars Is Happening Tonight And Here’s How You Can Watch

AMAZING! UAE’S Mars Hope Probe mission will be launched tonight at 1am, and you can be part of the historical moment by live-streaming the rocket’s travel into space.

This will be the first time in history that the countdown for a space mission is done in Arabic. SO proud!

The probe will launch in Japan’s Tanegashima Island

The mission was previously meant to launch on the 15th and then again scheduled for the 17th of July but was delayed due to weather conditions.

The time and date of the launch were calculated to match when Earth and Mars are in the closest range from each other, which lasts for a month every two years

The probe ‘Al Amal’ (Arabic for “Hope”) will land on Mars in seven months

The historical space launch will be a first for the Arab nation, led by the UAE’s Space Agency, and it is aimed at gathering more data about Mars for worldwide research.

A team of Emirati engineers from the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre based in Dubai is currently on the launch site preparing for the historic launch.

Livestream the launch at 12:58am Bahrain timing right here

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