Local Artist in Spotlight: Ravensbeat

Bahraini digital artist anime style ravensbeat commissions in bahrain

Digital art!

Digital art is one of the most used art meduims nowadays with technology and the limitation it breaks! One of the most talented Bahraini digital artists is Kawthar AKA Ravensbeat on Instagram. Not only is she mastering the craft, but the artwork is mesmerizing! Take a look for yourself.

Her art style is mainly inspired by anime, but her painting technique follows a more semi-realistic approach. Check out this fanart she made of Manjiro Sano from Tokyo Revengers!

The attention to detail in her work is really astonishing. Kawthar puts excellent time and effort into each of her artworks and it shows! She also plays with color palettes and lighting in her pieces and we’re here for it. Check out this dark but detailed piece from one of her commissions!

She is a rising star and we can’t wait to see her next pieces! If you’re interested, she also takes commissions, but her art is so good, they’re full at the moment!

Support this super-talented local artist by following her on Instagram here!

Mad Bahraini skills!

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