NFT’s Have Another Stellar Week, Grossing BD 9 Million Last Week Alone

NFT last week 9 Million

Bored Ape’s and A Scribble

Cryptocurrency is the gold rush of the 21st century. And NFT’s are what those gold diggers are spending their crypto on. As the popularity and demand for NFT soar, so does the price. In the last week alone, NFT sales on crypto channels and websites have netted upwards of BD 9 Million. 9 million dinars! For some digital art? Yikes.

But, what’s even more surprising is what the crypto was spent on. Upwards of BD 100,000 was spent on what is essentially just a scribble. FTX, a crypto trading platform sold its very own NFT, a piece dubbed “Testing Testing 123 #1,”. And it’s just a scribble. Like the kind we used to do on Microsoft Paint when we were bored. Don’t believe us? Well, here you go then.

But what happens if the price of an NFT goes through the roof. Literally? An NFT set known as Bored Ape sold for BD 9 Million just last week. That’s right, a set of 107 images of apes sold for BD 9000000. I mean, WHAT?!

We don’t really understand the world anymore.. But apparently, NFT’s are now more expensive than diamonds, silver, gold, and even moon rocks. Imagine that, a digital painting costing more than rocks that have been on the actual moon. Jeez.

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