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8 Bubble Tea Spots That’ll Kickstart Your Summer in Bahrain Pt.2

It’s getting hot out here…

We’re back with part 2 of our bubble tea list, after we saw how much you guys liked it!! We have a couple more options that we couldn’t help but share. Sometimes nothing fixes a painfully hot summer’s day like a refreshingly COLD drink. What better way to cool down than by sipping on some bubble tea? There aren’t many spots in Bahrain that make it, BUT – the ones listed below are the best-go to spots if you’re craving the drink! Scroll to check them out:


This spot has many unique flavours to try out from Green tea to Cantaloupe! If you’d like to stick to the classics, they’ve got all the fav bubble tea flavours too.

WHERE: Palace Avenue | Oasis Mall


A solid choice right here, over at Isa Town! Tastea has got so many options, our faves include Tarro, Matcha and of course the classic tea.

WHERE: Isa Town


This cafe knows what it’s doing especially since the guys over at Manzoku Asian Fusion opened it up! They’ve got tons of unique flavors from the classic strawberry to even coffee.

WHERE: Adliya
3361 1878 | 1748 3444

CDC Bubbly

This spot is the only one in Bahrain that serves so many exciting spins on Boba like this Honey Comb version and even a Dalgona version for the nostalgic, first chapter of COVID vibes!

WHERE: Manama


ChaBa in Manama serves all the authentic Thai coffee and bubble tea! They’ve got so many flavors from lemon, to Ovaltine to mocha!

WHERE: Adlyia


Caribou has just introduced chai tea lattes with bubbles! These are technically not boba, they use nata de coco jelly, but it’ll satisfy your cravings.

WHERE: Everywhere


With summer rolling here, Mochacha’s got ALL the trends on stock including boba, thai milk tea, ube and most importantly: cheezuh! You gotta try it to know what it’s all about.

To order all you need to place your order on whatsapp (+97338423906) around 20 minutes before pick-up. The location will be shared with you as soon as the order is confirmed.

CONTACT: +97338423906

Thai Tea Chobcha

This one’s been on everyone’s list for a while now, so we had to have it here for those of you who didn’t get the memo yet!!

WHERE: Juffair Mall, Ground Floor
CONTACT: 3417 0999

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